YT28 Pneumatic Rock Drill – Air-leg Drill for Mining and Engineering

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The YT28 air-leg rock drill is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly rock drilling equipment. Compared with similar pneumatic products, the YT28 air-leg rock drill has the advantages of low failure rate, fast rock drilling speed, long service life of wearing parts, low noise, light weight and simple operation

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Product Features:

1、The height of the machine is moderate and the range of the stroke is large, so it can drill the anchor holes which are perpendicular to the roof surface, which solves the problem that the anchor holes in the roadway are not perpendicular to the surface of the roof for a long time, which guarantees the quality and progress of the project, saves the construction cost and improves the efficiency.
2、Good comprehensive rock drilling performance, not only for medium hard rock drilling, but also for rock drilling with f≤6, which can be applied to both rock roadway and quasi roadway.
3、Simple structure and more durable, easy to maintain, lower maintenance cost
4、Flexible start, air and water linkage, air leg fast return, air pressure adjustment and other institutions.
5、The control handle is concentrated with the shank body, the mechanism is novel and convenient to operate with the muffler cover can effectively reduce the noise and change the direction of the row of visits at will to improve the site The operation conditions of the field
6、YT28 rock drill is suitable for wet rock drilling of medium hard or hard rock.

Application areas:

Mining, traffic, tunnels, water conservancy construction, quarries and other work

Technical parameters:

Product Model: YT28
Net weight: 26KG
Total length: 66.1CM
Air consumption: ≤81L/S
Impact frequency: ≥37Hz
Drilling diameter: 34-42mm
Piston diameter: 80mm
Piston stroke: 60mm
Working air pressure: 0.63mpa
Working water pressure: 0.3mpa
Drilling depth:  5M


YT28 pneumatic air leg rock drills before use

1、Check the integrity and rotation of all parts (including rock drill, bracket, or rock drill cart) before drilling, fill necessary lubricant, and check whether the wind and waterways are smooth and whether the connection joints are firm.

2、Knock on the roof near the working face, i.e. check whether there are live rocks and loose rocks on the roof and second gang near the working face, and make necessary treatment.

3, the working surface of the flat shell hole location, is to be pounded flat in advance before allowing rock drilling, to prevent slippage or shell hole displacement.

4. It is strictly forbidden to drill dry eyes, and we should insist on wet rock drilling, turn on the water first and then the wind when operating, and turn off the wind and then the water when stopping drilling. When opening the hole, run at low speed first, and then drill at full speed after drilling to a certain depth.

5、No gloves are allowed to be worn by the drillers when drilling.

6、When using the air leg to drill the hole, pay attention to the standing posture and position, never rely on the body to pressurize, let alone stand in front of the rock drill under the work brazing rod, to prevent injury from broken brazing.

7、If abnormal sound and abnormal water discharge are found in rock drilling, stop the machine for inspection and find out the reason and eliminate it before continuing to drill.

8、When withdrawing from the rock drill or replacing the brazing rod, the rock drill can run slowly and pay attention to the position of the rock drill braze.

YT28 Rock Drill Specifications

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