S250 Rock Drill


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Air-leg rock drill


Energy-saving,high efficient ,reliable and durable

Drill of energy-saving,high efficient ,sturdy and durable,easy maintenance,high reliability.

Forging technology makes drill more durable

It is suitable for wet drilling on hard medium hard rock, or for drilling horizontal or inclined blast holes.


Accessories of strong universality

Accessories of strong universality,when replace the product,users will not lose profit.

Small air consumption

Smaller air consumption when compared with other pneumatic rock drills on the market , same air compressor can connect more rock drills and greatly improve working efficiency.


____ Product advantagse

s250 2 拷贝


The S250 rock drill  is mainly used in either rock drilling work such as mining and tun-neling, or in railway, water conservancy construction projects and stone work.


It is suitable for wet drilling on hard medium hard rock, or for drilling horizontal or inclined blast holes.Secoroc250 can be equipped with pusher leg Secoroc250JL.


S250 Product parameter

Air consumption 3.7m3/5.0 bar
Air Connection 25 mm
Water Connection 12 mm
Piston diameter 79.4 mm
Piston stroke 73.25 mm
Total length 710 mm
N.W. 35Kg


S250 Spare parts

S250 Parts
S250 Air Leg
S250 decomposition diagram

S250 pusher leg rock drill

1.Operating handle nut 2.Washer int serrated 3.Adapter,handle tapered 4.O-Ring 5.Control spindle 6.Control body 7.Friction ring black
8.Twist grip 9.pin inner 10.Spindle nut 11.Washer spring disc 12.Sel-loc pin outer 13.Sel-loc pin 14.Domed nut
15.Washer ext serrated 16.Valve sleeve 17.Valve rod 18.Retract valve spring 19.Valve sleeve spring 20.Plunger plug 21.Internal circlip
22.O-Ring 23.Spring cap 24.Spring 25.O-Ring 26.Water control valve 27.O-Ring 28.Water control valve body
29.Water valve seat 30.Water valve seat retainer 31.Water tube 32.Water tube spacer 33.Water tube seal 34.Back head 36.Throttle valve plunger
37.Throttle plunger spring 38.Plug throttle delent 39.Thrust washer 40.Water inlet rubber 41.Water inlet screen 42.Throttle valve key 43.Throttle valve
44.Handle throttle 46.Throttle valve nut 47.Side rod 49.Side rod nut open 50.Pawl spring 51.Pawl plunger steel 52.Double sided pawl
53.Rifle bar 54.Ratchet ring 55.Valve box 56.Valve 57.Valve plug 58.Locating pin 59.Spindle nut
60.Spindle lock washer 61.Spring 62.Spindle thrust washer 63.Cyinder lug bush 64.Lock washer key 65.Clevis body spindle 65a.Pin
66.Spindle cone 67.Clevis body 68.Clevis body spindle nut 69.Air filter assembly 70.Conical filter 71.O-Ring 72.Cap air
73.Air bend 74.Air bend nut 75.Copper washer 76.O-Ring 77.Rifle nut 78.Piston S250 79.Ferrule jackleg cylinder
80.Front cylinder liner 81.Cylinder S250 muffled 82.Cylinder 83.Spud s250 water inlet 84.Cap water 85.Stem water threaded 87.Nut water stem
99.Chuck Nut 102.Chuck 103a.Chuck insert(22) 104.Steel retainer bush 105.Front head 106.Steel retainer pin 107.Steel retainer pin nut
108a.Steel retainer(22)            
S250 Air Leg
                     1 Air tube plugging                     13 Piston seal
                     2 O-ring                     14 Piston connection sleeve
                     3 Air tube                     15 Lower bucket spacer
                     4 O-ring                     16 Washer flat M24
                     5 Piston rod                     17 Nut
                     6 Split pin                     18 A/leg cyl
                     7 Adaptor nut                     19 Carrying handle
                     8 Hat packing single lip                     20 O-ring
                     9 Top cap bush                     21 Bolt,hex
                    10 Hat packing dual lip                     22 Nut locking jam
                    11 Top cap                     23 Bottom cap
                    12 Upper bucket spacer                     24 Spike bottom nut

              S250 special air leg

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