Kaishan Diesel Screw Air Compressor KSCY-570/13 Mobile Screw Air Dual Frequency Conversion Dual Stage Compressor Mining Tunnel Engineering

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Air volume automatic control system, low noise operation, special engine, strong power, SKY patented line, high energy saving, reasonable design, low operating cost, convenient design and maintenance when opening

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Features of Kaishan KSCY Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor:

1. Main engine: The large-diameter rotor design of the patented profile, the main engine and the diesel engine are directly connected through a highly elastic coupling, there is no speed-up gear in the middle, the main engine speed is the same as the diesel engine, higher efficiency, better reliability and longer life.

2. Diesel engine: Choose Cummins, Yuchai and other domestic and foreign famous brand diesel engines, which meet the national II emission requirements, strong power, low fuel consumption, and a nationwide after-sales service system, users can receive prompt and complete services.

3. The air volume control system is simple and reliable. According to the size of the gas consumption, the air intake volume is automatically adjusted from 0 to 100%, and the diesel oil valve is automatically adjusted to save diesel fuel to the greatest extent.

4. The microcomputer intelligently monitors the air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, fuel tank liquid level and other operating parameters, with automatic alarm and shutdown protection functions.

5. Multi-stage air filter, suitable for dusty working environment; multi-stage fuel filter, suitable for domestic oil quality status; super large oil-water cooler, suitable for high temperature and plateau environment.

6. Spacious maintenance and repair doors, the parts that need to be maintained are all within reach, and maintenance of air filters, oil filters, fuel tanks, batteries and oil coolers is convenient and easy, reducing downtime.

7. It is easy to move and can still move flexibly in harsh terrain conditions. Each compressor is equipped with a lifting ring for safe and convenient lifting and transportation.

Application range:Widely used in highway, railway, mining, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other industries

Technical Parameters:

Model Exhaust pressure(Mpa) Exhaust volume
Engine power
Exhaust interface Weight
External dimensions
KSCY-220/8 0.8 6.0 55 G1 1/4×1,G3/4×1 1440 3000×1760×1820 Xichai75hp
KSCY-330/8 0.8 9.5 88 G1 1/4×1,G3/4×1 1550 3240×1760×1785 The length of the tow bar removed is 2175
KSCY-360/13 1.3 10 118 G1 1/2×1,G3/4×1 1880 3300×1880×2100 The length of the tow bar removed is 2200
KSCY-425/10 1 12 118 G1 1/2×1,G3/4×1 1880 3300×1880×2100 The length of the tow bar removed is 2200
KSCY-400/14.5 1.45 11 118 G1 1/2×1,G3/4×1 1880 3300×1880×2100 The length of the tow bar removed is 2200
KSCY-550/13 1.3 15 132 G1 1/2×1,G3/4×1 2400 3000×1520×2200 Cummins
KSCY-550/13 1.3 15 140 G1 1/2×1,G3/4×1 2400 3000×1520×2200 Yuchai
KSCY-560/15 1.5 16 140 G1 1/2×1,G3/4×1 2400 3000×1600×2230 Yuchai
KSCY-580/17 1.7 17 194 G2×1,G3/4×1 3200 3200×1800×2450 Cummins
KSCY-580/17 1.7 17 194 G2×1,G3/4×1 3200 3200×1800×2450 Yuchai
KSCY-680/14.5 1.45 19 194 G2×1,G3/4×1 3200 3200×1800×2450 Cummins
KSCY-750/20 2.0 22 228 G2×1,G3/4×1 3900 3300×1800×2300 Yuchai

KS series technical advantages:

Air volume automatic control system
According to the pressure of use. The air volume adjustment device automatically adjusts the air intake volume of the air compressor and the speed of the diesel engine steplessly. Match the air supply to the air consumption exactly. This achieves the best results with the lowest fuel consumption.

low noise operation
Quiet cover design, low operating noise. The machine design is more environmentally friendly.

Strong engine power
Supporting heavy-duty diesel engines such as Yuchai and Cummins. To achieve the best combustion state in the whole range of engine operation, so that the product has higher reliability, stronger power, and better fuel economy..

SKY patented line with high energy saving
Hanzi tooth profile provides excellent performance for each type of handpiece; innovative design, optimized structure, high reliable performance.

Reasonable design to reduce operating costs
The overall structure is compact and the volume is light. The on-site movement is flexible, saving site moving time.

Open design for easy maintenance
Wide open doors and windows. It is very convenient to maintain air filters, oil filters, oil separators, etc. The parts that need to be repaired are all within easy reach, reducing downtime for maintenance and repairs.

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